Become a Talemian
For us at Talemia, we don’t just want to offer people ’’jobs’’. We are offering people an amazing opportunity to become a builder of things and people by building with us. We believe that people should not lose their originality while integrating with the team. When you decide to naturalize into becoming a Talemian, it means you’ve decided to win.

What you’ll experience with us

Great Culture

We’re first of all humans! Empathy drives our work at Talemia – empathy for our people and for the people we serve. When people take up offers with us, we believe that they’re doing us a favour and not the other way round


We are creating a flexible space where people can bring in their creative juice into the work and find internal fulfillment while building with us.

Speed Learning

We see learning as brushing your teeth. You just gotta do it everyday! Joining Talemia means that you’ll build, learn on the go and grow everyday


Open Positions

Growth Intern


Launch Your Startup Faster